Friday, April 16, 2010

The Story Writer

I love this picture of 6-year old Charlie that Sara took at Easter. She looks so serious sitting on a rock by the lake at her Grandma's place writing in her new notebook. She is excited to be learning to read and write and loves to practice her reading and writing.
In case you can't make it out, the story she wrote goes like this:
"Charlie is the most specialist girl in the whole wide world. I know why I even think that she is the most goodest cause I am Charlie. The End."
I love it. Fearing that I'll forget what her original spelling is supposed to say, I wrote the story in more traditional spelling and tucked it behind her story on the scrapbook layout. The small ribbon attached is for pulling the translation out so it can be read.
I enjoyed using bling on this page. It looks better in real life.


Mary said...

That's a beautiful layout - and a sweet story.

Emtron said...

I love it, nice layout

Mickey said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Sara_HB said...

That picture was not posed. She wanted to write in her book and look at the lake at the same time.

Kath said...

Love all the pocka dots!! She will treasure this when she is older!!