Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Generations Connect!

I had a brief, but interesting and uplifting conversation with 5-year old grandson Max today. Here it is, pretty well word for word. I'll set the stage for you first. It was 12:10 pm and Max and I were heading out to get him to Kindergarten. It was a drizzly, misty day. Max looked down the street and said:

Max: It looks fuzzy down there.

Me: Yes, it's foggy today.

Max: What's fog?

Me: It's a cloud that is just about sitting on the ground. (He's too young to understand a detailed meteorological explanation, which I'm not too sure of anyway).

Me (getting into the car and pointing to the tiny raindrops on the windshield): Clouds are made up of tiny particles of water.

Max: I didn't know that. -pause- I guess old people really are smart!

He made my day...except for the part about being called old.


Mickey said...

Precious aren't they? Grandchildren are great compensation for growing old! I adore them in my life!

Mike said...

I remember you giving me the same explanation for fog when I was Max's age.

Kath said...

Cute. At least you are old and SMART too!! (Living with teens I am just o.l.d. lol)

Sara_HB said...

nice socks