Monday, May 24, 2010

There's Always Something New...

As usual when we come to Surprise, AZ, I take pictures of plant life. I was particularly excited to come in May because that's when the Saguaro and a few other cacti blossom. Lloyd and I drove out to the nearby saguaro forest to take some pictures of them.

And here's the cholla (I think) that Q. planted in our yard.

Quincey did an amazing job with the landscaping on his last trip down. He hired a crane to come and carry/lift the large Mexican fan palm, which is gorgeous. He also planted the cholla, three small bushes with orange blossoms, a really ugly tall skinny cactus clump that I'll try to find the name of, and rocks - large rocks - one 1200 lb. rock. (I didn't take pictures of the rocks but you can probably see some of them in the other pictures). But with our desert landscaping, it all looks beautiful.
The tall, skinny, prickly one.

Our lime - the first year it's producing - we have three so far!

And our lemon - the first of many, judging by the number of tiny ones sprouting there.

The large Mexican fan palm

Orange blossoms on one of three bushes of unknown name (so far)

Then to finish it off, he put spotlights behind the palms along three sides of the fence. With the lights off at night and just the pool lights and the spotlights on, it looks wonderful - romantic and fairy tale like - in the back yard.

The pictures don't do it justice.


Sara_HB said...

You don't like the stick tree? It's native to Arizona. Only grows there. Once its established and the string cut off it'll spread out a bit and grows pink flowers.
We liked it because it's so different.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics Pat! & Quincey!
I love the lighting and especially the blossoms on the saguaro & the tall palm! On the calendar you gave the saguaro are all in blossom this month too!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Wow!! Your yard is beautiful!! Will be an exciting day when the stick cactus blooms!!
Love the lights!

Thanks for showing the sagura blooming!!