Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Favorite Pictures

I love taking pictures and with the advent of digital photography I find I take way, way more than I need. I don't let an occasion, event, baby, grandchild, bird, flower, etc. go by without taking a picture of it. The biggest reason I carry a purse is so that I have someplace to keep my small camera. I've taken a lot of pictures so far this year that haven't made it into print for scrapbooking nor have they been posted here - I think. This blog entry will be a quick review of my favorite pictures of the past few months...in no particular order.

Frosted tulips - May 2010 - Edmonton, AB

Anson and Brooklyn - I didn't take this one but I love pictures of Rob's kids together.

Fun times with the Jenn and her family - lunch atWendy's in Lethbridge

First new baby of the year - Hannah Rose MacKenzie - April 2010

James (Jammers) Quist - May 2010
I love the natural light coming through the wndow behind him.

Bougainvilla (I think) at Clyde's in Sun City

Winter in the Prairies - April 2010

Empathetic Kitties - January 2010

Percy in the Snow

Baby with her Baby - Elly 2010

Cousins Nathan Quist and Mackenzie Woolf

I love this one of our first grandson, Jonah, proving that he's taller than his Papa
May 1020. Lloyd insists it's a poor camera angle, but Jonah really is taller.

Canada Goose in Winnipeg

Baby Tate, 3 weeks old.

Mother's Love - Amy and Tate

Baron showing his stuff with the basketball - May 2010

Layla's toothless smile and flirty pose - May 2010.

Sign on a building in Tombstone, AZ

Superstition Mountain and cholla cactus, Arizona 2010

And that's all she wrote.


Mickey said...

Love looking at photos.They are all great ones. I also love and take way too many pics!

Mary said...

Nice photos, I love your blog, Mom, please don't quit!