Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18 - The Young Oiler Fan

It was a beautiful day for Family Day today - well above zero temperatures, bright blue sky, lots of snow left to play in... I went with Sara and Quincey and their kids to the kids' favorite restaurant for lunch. Max wore his Edmonton Oilers' jersey and looked so cute. Too bad the green onion cake he's so fond of is partially obscuring the Oilers logo. His dad, who plays goalie on three adult hockey leagues, has fond hopes of Max one day playing with the Oilers.

Only three of our 15 grandchildren don't have blue eyes. Max is one of them.


Anonymous said...

Max is the cutest! in his Oilers shirt!
They are celebrating family day here in Ont. npw too! But it poured rain all day! lv M.

Kimberly said...

How adorable! xoxo

Cate said...

I can't believe you have 15 grandchildren!! You are WAY too young for that! He's a real cutie!