Wednesday, February 20, 2008

February 20 - Missed a Day

I forgot to post last night...and I don't have a new picture for today. I've been really busy trying to get organized for this weekend trip to Phoenix. I'm taking my laptop and camera with me so hopefully I'll take a picture or two down there and put them in a post. In the meantime, I'll find another oldie goldie for today.

Here's a picture that has become a family classic...taken in 1968 with an Instamatic camera. Lloyd is 19 and I'm 20 in this picture. I don't know why my hair is parted in the middle there. I used to wear it parted on the side - still do.


Anonymous said...

Love this photo too as I had a dress so very similar. Have fun on your trip! Lv Mickey

RAE said...

What a great photo! What fun to look back on how we looked years ago. If I had a scanner I'd upload me from the 80's when I had crimped permed hair LOL

Kimberly said...

How ADORABLE! Love this shot! xoxo