Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1 - Westminster Chimes

I've had this clock longer than any of the others. It was a Christmas gift from DS1 and DD1, Rob and Jenny, in 1989. It plays the beautiful Westminster chimes on the hour.

Lloyd and the kids used to get frustrated because I always seemed to know what they were getting me for Christmas and they couldn't figure out how to keep me from knowing. They didn't realize that I picked up on things they said and questions they asked me, and was able to guess correctly most of the time.

That year Jenny was so sure I would have no idea of what she and Rob were getting me. She kept it in it's box and wrapped it up very nicely. Then she brought it upstairs to put under the tree, showed it to me and said "you'll never guess what this is". At that very moment, the clock, still wrapped and in its box, started chiming the hour. Jenny was so mad. She thought she was being so good to put the batteries in and set the correct time, but she forgot that the clock itself would give away her secret!


e said...
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Lois said...

That is so funny...and a nice clock too!

RAE said...

That's too funny! She must have been so frustrated when it chimed LOL!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you're getting nasties on your lovely blog. Some people have nothing better to do I guess. Love your clocks Pat. Lv Mickey

Kimberly said...

LOVE this story! Great clock too! xoxo