Sunday, March 2, 2008

March 2 - Jammers and Family

James Anders Quist (Jammers) is three months old now...doing really well after arriving a month early. His nickname, Jammers, as well as a short form of James Anders, is also a word Jenn created from the first initial of each of my seven children: Jenny, Amy, Mike, Mary, Emily, Rob, Sara.

We had a nice visit with them today - always so nice to see Jenny and her boys. Her husband, Anders, is over six feet tall and is on his knees in the picture so looks a bit out of proportion. Besides Anders, Jenn is flanked by Jonah (11), Micah (2), Nathan (6), Sam (9) and James, all in their Sunday best.


Anonymous said...

Jammers is just so cute. Lovely family photo as well! Everyone look so happy! Lv M.

Kimberly said...

LOVE your family photograph and what a sweet baby shot too! AWESOME! xoxo
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Sara started the invention of Jammers. She noticed that "James" was an anagram of all the sisters' initials and then I noticed that if you put the boys' in too it turned into Jammers. The initials of Anders' sibs spell 'ADRASH." 'Nuff said. Also, since he was a Christmas season baby we wanted to name him after one of THE Mary's children. The writer of the Epistle of James is one of her and Jospeh's sons (so is Jude but Anders wouldn't go for it).