Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Feet, Pretty Feet

Mickey and I are going to Jasper tomorrow for a scrapbooking retreat. As a preliminary treat, this afternoon we went to a spa and had lovely, soothing, relaxing, pedicure. So again, these are pictures I didn't take, but they're fun to have and show. We didn't realize that we had chosen the same polish color until we were actually having the polish applied...we do things like that a lot...our tastes are so similar. I like my feet, but the whole affect is ruined by the gross kankles I inherited from my grandmother.

I won't be posting a blog until at least Sunday, when we're returning from Jasper.


RAE said...

Have fun! Enjoy your retreat!

Kimberly said...

HOW AWESOME!!!! So glad you got to do this for yourself!!! xoxo
Love ya,