Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Horton Hears A Who, and Panda Hut Too!

Before Amy and Curtis left for Hawaii last weekend, Amy planned activities for her girls for most of the days they'd be away. Today was 'fun with Grammie' day and the babysitter kept Kenzie home from kindergarten so she'd be ready to go as soon as I got home from work around 1:30.

Luckily, Horton Hears A Who has just come to the theatres, so that's where we decided to go (the girls came over last night so we could plan this date). I loved the movie and so did Kenzie. Syd dozed during the middle part of it, but enjoyed the popcorn and pop when she was awake. After the movie I let them choose where we'd go for dinner. Kenzie chose Panda Hut (they both seemed awfully familiar with it and the menu selections!) so that's where we spent the next hour and a half. They love the play area (the restaurant used to be a Burger King and the new owners saw fit to leave the play area there for their customers) and what they didn't eat of their noodles and rice, we brought home for them to eat later, or for the babysitter, whichever comes first. It was a fun day and the babysitter had a peaceful afternoon with just Aidan to take care of.


Kimberly said...

I took the kids to see that one too...such a cute movie! LOVED IT! Such a cute photograph too! xoxo

Mickey said...

What a fun afternoon to remember with your Grand wee ones!