Sunday, May 11, 2008

Celebrating 60

We had a birthday party at Rob and Cindy's place tonight to celebrate my birthday. The whole family wasn't there - even Lloyd had to be travelling back to High Level today - but it turns out that that's all right. My main birthday gift was the announcement that they've organized a family reunion for my birthday to be held on June 7th. Sara has spoken to the out of town kids and they've all agreed to come. We'll have a picnic party at one of the city parks (already reserved), and one of Sara's staff will come for half an hour or so to take pictures. Hopefully we'll be able to get a fairly decent picture of the whole group of us (Lloyd and I, seven kids, seven spouses, and 16.5 grandchildren). It won't be an easy feat, but we'll make sure lots of pictures are taken. Sara and Emily are whizzes at Photoshop so we'll be sure to get at least one good picture of the crowd.

Cindy and Rob had their dining room decorated with streamers saying 60...60...etc., and presented me with a necklace with purple beads, disks saying 60, and a medallion in the center saying "Clearly a Classic". The cake had sixty candles on it, which took two of the men to light. The heat from the candles was so hot that the icing roses began to melt. It took several grandchildren to help me blow them all out.

It was a fun evening. Thanks kids.


Sara said...

Happy Birthday!
That's Elly's bum in the background!

Mickey said...

Oh I did wonder who's baby bum was in the background! Congrats Pat. Looks like it was a wonderful birthday. I'd be excited about the one coming up on June 7th too! Gotta love those family photos with everyone there together! Sunny vibes going your way for that day!

Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...what FUN! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY SWEET lady! LOVE these photographs...and what a GREAT surprise to have a family reunion!!! That will be so much fun! xoxo
Love you,

RAE said...

Holy moly...that's a well lit cake LOL! Lucky you, two special celebrations!

Cyndi said...

Awww....what a sweet family. Sounds like a wonderful gathering of the clan to celebrate a wonderful woman :D