Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun With Anson and Brooklyn

Lloyd and I had a chance to hang out with Brooklyn and Anson this weekend. That's always fun. Brooklyn is developing her t-ball skills and we had fun tossing the ball to her to hit. Then she tossed it to me and I swung the bad and hit the ball a bit too hard, walloping the poor little girl in the middle of the forehead, effectively ending the game. She recovered without a bruise so all is well.


Mickey said...

Looks like you're both having fun with your Grandchildren. Too bad it had to end so quickly!

Brenna said...

Way to spoil the fun Grandma, LOL
Great photos though.

RAE said...

Great photos! Brooklyn is such a cutie. I like the action shot of her swinging.

Cyndi said...

lolol bonk! You'll have to retell the story when you scrap the photos :D

Kimberly said...

What FUN times! Love these photographs! xoox