Thursday, July 3, 2008

Busy Day, Busy Kids

Charlie's getting outfitted for a summer holiday in the Phoenix area - she says going to the desert - and needed funky sunglasses and a sun visor. She was picture perfect cute. Later in the day she got out all her Barbie jewellery and put it all on - another photo op. Meanwhile, Max fell asleep on the couch and Charlie had to take a picture of him (she took many pictures - not all were keepable). When he woke up, Max wanted to take some pictures too so I have him my small Fujifilm Finepix to use. Ellie did her baby stuff all day - she loves oranges. Somewhere amid all that, we went to the mall so Charlie and Max could have their passport photos taken (Ellie already has her passport).


Lois aka katesmum said...

These little ones are so sweet - you are so lucky even if they keep you so busy!

JQ said...

I'm so glad you went back to the all HB blog format. The posts without them are so forced. ; )