Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I discovered today that Eloise loves popsicles...I don't know if this was the first one she's ever had but, boy, did she love it. It was mine to begin with but when I picked her up she grabbed it and didn't let go. She made short work of it - notice the red juice streaming down her arm and onto my shirt. I think she must have got brain freeze toward the end though because she suddenly started screaming and crying. We all know how that feels - poor little girl. It probably won't stop her from wolfing down another one next time she can though. The pictures were taken by Elly's 4-year old sister Charlie with my Canon Rebel. She's a pretty good little photographer.


Emily said...

I like her defiant expression, like she's pleased with herself for robbing you of your treat

Sara said...

holy moly