Friday, September 5, 2008

Ellie Likes...

At nine months old, Eloise has developed quite a personality, and has a number of things she likes doing. The recently learned skill of crawling is her most valuable, and used, skill

Now that she's mastered the art of crawling, she thinks she needs to learn to walk. She will insist (in her own non-verbal way) that anyone taller than she holds her hands while she steps out across the floor - very hard on the back of the taller person.

She likes her big stuffed dog and chews on his red floppy toung.

Swinging on the backyard playset is one of her favorite outdoor activities.

She loves sharing the kids' McDonalds meals - french fries and grilled cheeze sandwiches, watched carefully by the adults with her.

She likes books, especially Dizzy Dragon, which has textures, lights and sounds.

And she enjoys having her great-grammie around and doesn't seem to care about the 87 year age difference...she can never have too many adoring followers.


Mickey said...

Pat I just love the photos of Elly and your Mom. How very precious! You'll have to do a layout of them together!

sara said...

she also, obviously, likes hanging her tongue out. Maybe the dog is a bad influence.

Debbie Y. said...

She is a photo magnet. I would be taking pictures at every opportunity with a cutie like that on the other side of the lens. She is such a big girl, eating Mickey D's, swinging on the swing, and trying to walk. Great-grammie looks absolutely ecstatic to be holding dear Ellie. Love the photos.

Emily said...

That photo of Elly reading is awesome. She looks like she really knows what she's doing.

Brenna said...

Those are cute Pat, she looks very independent

Kimberly said...

THese are DARLING photographs! LOVE them!