Sunday, October 19, 2008


Florrie, Barb
Mickey, Pat

Today, or I guess it's yesterday now, was the annual Croptoberfest at the Edmonton area scrapbook stores. So, at 10:00 Saturday morning until midnight a bunch of us converged at Scrap-A-Lot and worked on our scrapbooks, shopped, chatted, ate lunch and dinner when they were provided for us by the store owners, and generally had a scrapping good time.

Barb, Florrie, Mickey and I have been scrapping and going to crops together for about four years now and enjoy the chance to get together as often as we can to indulge our hobbies. We even have the t-shirts to prove it! Usually at least one of us will turn up in our "Scrapping Buddies" t-shirts, but this time all four of us did. Aren't we just so precious ;) A very enjoyable time for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Oh and there's the cup that caused a lot of stress! But we learned something about photos -they can have anything spilled on them, be rinsed in water and dry perfectly fine! That is quite amazing I think! and a good reason to have photos professionally done.
Love the photos of our sb friends. Has it really been 4 yrs.?

Pat MacK said...

Yes, I missed mentioning that while I was browsing in the store Mickey spilled a cup of pop on my pictures, but thanks to the quick action of our table mates, they were rescued and dried out perfectly. Poor Mickey was more upset about it than I was...but she'll never live it down!

sara said...

looks like a good time

RAE said...

Great photo! What a great way to spend the day!

Cyndi said...

Nice photo! Great memories :D