Sunday, October 19, 2008

Scarecrow Girl

As I was getting ready to go to my all-day crop yesterday, Kenzie and Amy came down to see if I had any "extra" scrapbooking supplies that Kenzie could use for a school project. (I have enough scrapbook supplies here to supply Kenzie's whole class!). She had brought home a scarecrow figure with the instructions to dress the scarecrow using different media. So I gave her buttons, rick-rack, paper leaves, ribbon, etc. and went to my crop. This morning I went up to see what she ended up with. Here it is:

The girls were ready for church so I took pictures of them too. Here's Kenzie, with her beautiful scarecrow.

And here's Sydney, looking like Little Orphan Annie, minus the curls.


sara said...

I like how even at 5, Kenzie is aware of that little gap between your legs where the skirt doesn't cover and unless you're careful people can see right up your skirt.

Mary said...

She should get an A+ for the scarecrow

RAE said...

The girls look adorable and that scarecrow girl looks very cool!

Cyndi said...

Awesome Scarecrow! Very creative! Takes after her Grandma :D Love the pics of the girls :D