Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How We Change...

I haven't taken any pictures for the past couple days so went through my files and found a few portraits of myself - there were a few I missed, but I'm sure you'll be able to notice the 'subtle' changes in my looks from the time I was 2 (1950) until this year.

Patsy McCarthy - 2 years old - 1950

Pat McCarthy - 8 years old - 1956

Pat McCarthy - 18 years old - 1966

Lloyd and Pat MacKenzie - 56 years old - 2004

Pat and Lloyd MacKenzie - 58 years old - 2006

Pat and Lloyd MacKenzie - 60th birthday- Family Reunion - June 2008

I guess the next portrait we have taken will be our 40th wedding anniversary portrait in March of 2011


Mary said...

I love those pictures, fun to look at.

JQ said...

You some cute.

mickey said...

You haven't changed one bit!!

Aleta said...

Your beautiful smile shines through. You make me want to smile!