Sunday, November 2, 2008

Circle Journal

Early in 2006 a group of nine scrapbooking friends got together and organized a circle journal swap. Each one of us was to buy a scrapbook - any size - determine a theme, and prepare an instructions page, sign-in page, and the first layout. Then we passed ours on to the next person in the list. Ideally this would have taken us about 10 months to complete. Here it is, the end of 2008 and Mickey and I finally got ours back yesterday. It was such fun to see it again and to see all the different layouts our friends had added. I still need to get Emily to do her layout in it, and then it's complete. Here's what it ended up looking like. If you click on each picture, you'll see a larger image and can read the journalling.

The cover

My instruction page and sign in page - I had made a tag for each member of the group to sign and date, which tucked into two pockets on the page.

My page - interesting to note that when I did this 2 and a half years ago we only had 12 grandchildren. There are 17 of them now.

Elsa's Page

Elizabeth's page

Kelly's Page

Mickey's page

Renee's Page

Tammy's Page

Terrie's Page


Mickey said...

Awesome looking at it once again!

sara said...

look how little they are on the grandkids page!

Emily said...

I can't even remember what your theme was

Pat MacK said...

My theme is 'the time of your life'. You can work on my page, and Mickey's at the retreat later this month :)

Cyndi said...

Amazing! Such a treasure to share with all of us. Thank you Pat!

Aleta said...

17 grandchildren? Wow... I'm trying to picture what Christmas must look like when they come to visit!

I love the pages! Very creative.

RAE said...

Looks great! Wow, it sure took a long time to get back to you LOL