Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Quist-y Day

Jenn, Anders and the boys were in town today so we spent some fun time with them. The little granddaughters refer to their five boys as the "Quisty boys" and since they're the oldest of our grandchildren (at least the first 3 are) the younger kids tend to look up to them.

We went to Swiss Chalet with them for dinner - quite the experience with boys ranging in age from 11 months to 12 years. It was a fun time. It's also difficult to get a good picture of the whole crew.

I did manage to get a nice shot of the five of them earlier in the day. They are Jonah holding James (Jammers), Sam, Micah and Nate all blue-eyed blonds. Lucky for us they just live ah hour south of Edmonton so we see them quite often.


sara said...


Mary said...

They all look so much older than I remember!

Mickey said...

Beautiful photo of the boys!
And a day of eating out!!

Emily said...

That first photo is really nice of Jenn

JQ said...

They ARE so much older. A summer's a long time for kids, eh? Thanks for the party, mum.