Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kenny and Thomas

Mike and Kenny came to visit tonight. Avril and Alex were sick so stayed at the hotel. Hopefully they'll be feeling better for Charlie's birthday party tomorrow.

Anyhow, like little boys everywhere, 2-year old Kenny loves Thomas the train and when he comes to Grammie's house, he plays the whole time with my Thomas and Percy.

He brought some of his own too - the smaller set - and integrated them into his play with mine.

It appears that Thomas had vision problems tonight and needed Mr. Potato Head's glasses.

I think this is such a boyish position - right down there with the trains.

It's very serious business, this Thomas the Train play.


sara said...

it is indeed

Aleta said...

I love that last picture. My brother used to love playing with cars and trains when we were younger. How adorable!

Mike said...

He's topless because he spilled his drink and refuses to wear damp clothes.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

I had alot of catching up to do on your blog!!!! Enjoyed every minute of it too!

JQ said...

Mic only plays with his train set when his weirdo cousins come over.

Anonymous said...

He's just like our William! He gets into exactly same positions for hours playing with his vehicles. He was over yesterday too.