Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wasn't That A Party!!

Today is Charlie's 5th birthday. She was glad to be 5 but sad about leaving 4 behind ("will I ever be 4 again?" "No Charlie, not until you're 44") She can draw the number 4 really well, but finds 5 a bit harder. She had a good day, topped off by the arrival of cousin Layla from BC who came with her Mom and baby brother to celebrate with Charlie. The 'family supper' turned into quite a birthday party for Charlie.

Sydney, Charlie, Kenzie, Layla
Four little girl cousins and a princess cake.

Charlie requested tacos for her birthday dinner - her favorite. Poor Max is outnumbered by all the girl cousins.

Charlie admiring her cake.

The candles were easy to blow out, but...

...those darn sparklers just would not be blown out.

Elly was lost in the crowd - the youngest girl. She likes the balloons though.

And Sydney was happy with the noise maker and balloons.

These cousins and more will get together at the Princess Palace for Charlie's 'real' birthday party on Saturday. Grammie is excused from that one - one party is enough!! Four little 3, 4 and 5 year old girls can really make a lot of noise (the squealing and screaming!!). I don't remember my 5 daughters ever being that loud, but maybe I've just got selective memory now. Anyhow, it was a fun day and Charlie was happy.


Emily said...

I remember getting in trouble for screaming a lot. What I don't remember is the teenage girls getting in trouble for tormenting me into screaming :/

sara said...

i like your sparkler pictures

Mickey said...

Happy Birthday Charlie! Sure looks like fun and what a lovely cake!

JQ said...

Yeah, I remember a very irate old man flying at screaming girls saying, "Don't you ever scream like that unless you're getting killed!" So, yeah, probably a parenting (and grandparenting) thing. The loudest scream of your posterity though has got to go to Kenny McK. Scream those girls out, Mr. K. That's some cake. Why is it covered in all those little breasts? ; )

Debbie Y. said...

I love the princess cake, did you make that yourself, very creative. The sparklers gave it the WOW treatment. I love the photo with the sparklers reflected in the picture on the wall. Charlie with her eyes squinted trying to blow out the sparklers, too cute. Ellie seemed a little overwhelmed in the balloons with all the little screaming girls. LOL Great pics!

sara said...

your breasts look like that, Jen?