Saturday, November 15, 2008

Youngest and Oldest

With Mary in town for a few days, Jenny and her family came from Lacombe to see her and meet little Baron. Jonah, as the oldest of her five boys, is very comfortable with babies and it was nice to see him holding this littlest grandson of ours - our oldest grandson and our youngest. Jonah is 12 and Baron is 3 months.

Jonah and Baron

Jonah, Baron, Mary, Sam, Jenny
Daughters and Sons - Jenny with her two oldest boys and Mary with Baron

Three Generations
Mary, Baron and Lloyd, the proud Papa

Jenny and Jonah
She suddenly finds herself outgrown by her first son.

No room at the table for Layla and Charlie so they ate dinner at their own separate tables.


sara said...

i see charlie has a well balanced dinner of corn, water, and more corn.

Pat MacK said...

She also had potato scallop and ham.

Mickey said...

Love those family photos Pat! So nice to be altogether! Will get to see the others I presume as you scrap them all at the end of the month!

Mike said...

I'm taller than Jenn, too.

Kath said...

My youngest is a little taller than me now!! :( I dont like it one bit!

Having "family" home is great fun,isn't it?