Thursday, January 8, 2009

Picking Oranges

Our first full day in Arizona - we went to some estate sales in Sun City. That was a new experience for us. Since we were in Sun City already, we decided to go to Auntie Cath and Uncle Clyde's home and pick some oranges - another new experience for the kids and us. Since Cath and Clyde are snowbound in Grande Prairie, AB right now we didn't think they'd mind if we visited their orange trees. And they tasted delicious!

Max and me with our pickings

Charlie in the tree - a posed shot for Sara

Grammie in action

Elly likes them, peels and all

Max had a hard time getting the orange off the tree

Still trying to get into that fruit....

In a few hours Emily and Allan will be here too, and we'll have an evening barbeque to celebrate.


sara said...

they tasted good too..not just good photo props!

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

The oranges are ready now? They werent when we were there a month ago!

Looks like the weather change wasnt hard for you to get use to!!! LOL

My aunt and uncle live in a gated community in Surprise. Marv and Claudia. That would be too cool if you actually met them!! Let me know if you do!

Enjoy AZ!