Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rest and Relaxation

Finally, we got to Arizona today. Amazing to leave Edmonton in a snow storm and -26 degree temperature and arrive three hours later in sunny Arizona with a temperature of 66 - 70. Sara and the kids were there to meet us. The kids were so excited to see us, they really wore us out. But it was fun. We've got the pool heating up so we'll be swimming tomorrow. Yea!!

Charlie and Max playing with Papa

Family free-for-all on the king size bed. Charlie, Max and Elly were all over us. We were playing Family Trivia with them, quizzing them about our family.

We went to a buffet for supper - Elly's favorite part was going after the frosting on Max's cupcake after wiping it all off of hers.

We're looking forward to a few weeks of fun and relaxation. Sara and the kids leave for Edmonton on the 18th, Emily and Allan are arriving tomorrow for a week, my friend Mickey is coming on the 15th to 22nd, my sister and her husband are coming on the 22nd to 30th, so we'll have lots of company, lots of fun, lots of sun, lots of relaxation, and get our batteries recharged for normal life in February.


Mickey said...

Oh dear sounds like MacKenzie's B&B and airport taxi service!

Pat MacK said...

Yes. Isn't it fun.

Mary said...

I'd love to join in the fun but I'll see you next month. Not in Az though :(

Anonymous said...

Pat, you've got the dates wrong again! Randy and I arrive on the 17th - Saturday. Hope this doesn't mess up your plans too much. Wendy

JQ said...

I think it's funny when Aunt Wendy tells you off.

Pat MacK said...

It's this way - I know Wendy reads my blog although she never comments. When I make an obvious mistake that's guaranteed to get her attention, she'll respond. Yes Wendy, I know you arrive on the 17th - it's not a problem. Looking forward to seeing you.