Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Quieter Day

We had a quieter day today but it started in a very pleasant fashion. Emily and Allan got up before the sun and went shopping for ingredients for breakfast for the family. Emily loves cooking so we let her treat us today. She made delicious french toast with syrup, whipped cream, strawberries and banana slices, as well as bacon and chocolate milk.

Emily worked hard in the kitchen preparing the breakfast.

Allan helped by setting the table and acting as Emily's assistant chef.

Elly loved the whipped cream and ended up with it all over her face, hands and Papa.

Then for a change of pace, in the evening Emily, Allan, Lloyd and I went to an NHL game - Phoenix vs Dallas. We're Edmonton Oilers fans of course but have adopted Phoenix Coyotes as our second favorite team since we'll be spending considerable time down here. Allan and I wore our Oilers jerseys to the hockey game even though they weren't playing. It was a fun time - it's nice to feel the energy of the game in person, even though the game itself wasn't too exciting. The Coyotes won 1-0 in a shootout.

Allan and Emily

A face-off in the Coyotes zone.

Lloyd and me at the game.

Lloyd and me outside the arena - it's a very impressive place - kind of like a carnival atmosphere - much nicer than the Edmonton facility.

Emily and Allan outside the arena.

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Kath said...

Az and hockey?? LOL Looks like a fun evening out.

Do your children live in AZ too?