Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Zoo-rific Day

Sara and I took the kids to the Wilderness Park about 10 minutes from home today. What a beautiful park. We spent about 3 hours there feeding ducks and giraffes and seeing all sorts of animals from white alligators and penguins to camels and kinkabous.

Max and Charlie really liked feeding the ducks and swans.

Their favorite birds though were the penguins.

Sara and the kids went on a log water ride.

The huge tourtises were beautiful in their own way.

Charlie enjoyed feeding the giraffes - such long black toungs.

Charlie, Max and I went on the sky ride - a 15-minute ride on a ski-lift type aerial chair. It gave us a different perspective of the park.

The flamingos were beautiful, such a lovely color.

Elly fell asleep as we strolled along.

The ducks took food right out of my hand. Max tried it but was bitten on the finger by a goose.

Charlie, in front of some beautiful parrots.

The kids had a ride on the merry-go-round.

Not sure what's in the background there, but I like this picture.

The swans were beautiful but Max wasn't too impressed when one bit his finger.

We topped the day off with a starlight swim - the water temperature was warmer than the air temperature. We sure had fun for over an hour. I'll post some pictures tomorrow.


Mary said...

Was Max bitten twice? Or is a goose the same thing as a swan?

sara said...

Max was biten once by a swan. I can hear Mum upstairs watching a movie while writing so she's just not paying close attention to the details!'s a kinkajou, not a kinkabou - and it turned it's back to us and peed about a foot from our faces (behind glass, but still..)

Brenna said...

Great photos Pat...looks like you're having a great time

JQ said...

How come Max is the natural enemy of large water fowl? It's not fair. Sam will be on a plane as soon as he hears there's penguins at your house.

sara said...

Sam loves penguins? So does Max! But we better not let him meet them without the glass barrier. He does have a bad track record with birds.

Mike said...

Swans are jerks.