Monday, January 12, 2009

Still Having Fun

Today Lloyd and I, Emily and Allan went golfing - 18 holes - 4.5 hours. It's January 12 and today I got a bit of a sunburn on my arms! I'm not in Edmonton any more Toto! We played best ball so the game moved right along. We even used my ball and Emily's a few times and both Emily and I sunk the final ball on a few holes. It was a beautiful desert course with mountains in the background.

Lloyd preparing to tee off.

The swing of an expert player.

Lloyd and Allan

Me and Emily

Allan and Emily

Occasionally we ended up in the bunker. They weren't too hard to get out of though.

Allan and Emily

Me and Lloyd.


Brenna said...

Great photos although I just don't get that game, lol

sara said...

looks like fun

Mike said...

Sure, rub it in.

Mickey said...

Didn't know you golfed Pat!
I'm packing!