Monday, January 12, 2009

Starlight Swimming

We had the best time the other night. The water temperature was warmer than the air temperature in the evening and we decided we HAD to go for a swim in the starlight. It was awesome. The pool has a light system that changes colors as programmed so that made it even more beautiful.

Me and Charlie

The kids never get in the pool without their life jackets on and Charlie always needs her ring floatation device as well. Tonight, for some reason, Max and Charlie were more brave than usual. It started with Allan trying to encourage Max to try to swim. Then, after much coaxing, Charlie gave up her floatie and agreed to try to swim with her life jacket on too.

At the end of our pool time, Charlie finally was able to an upright position...doing a treading water motion, but using her arms to propel herself through the water.

Halfway through the swimming lesson, Max, obeying the first rule of the pool (no peeing in the pool) ran into the house to go to the bathroom. Of course, wet bathing suits are very difficult to get on, so his mother told him that he could just go skinny dipping. He thought it was great.

Once he got the hang of moving freely through the water under his own steam, Max was in his glory. In the picture above, he's swimming to 'the perfect light' at the deep end of the pool...totally fearless. We got such a kick out of him. His little legs were pumping a mile a was like he was running a marathon in the water.

Charlie, not so brave, didn't venture very far from an adult, but she eventually got the hang of it and didn't want to go in when we were finished.

Sara was so proud of her kids. So were Grammie and Papa, and Allan and Emily.

Max figured he could chase the adults around now and it was hard for us to excape his fast pumping little legs.

Max and Sara

Charlie and Sara

It was a great fun night.


Mary said...

Those kids will be begging to go back to Az. Max will have to get in some swimming lessons or something. Hopefully he'll keep his shorts on ;-)

JQ said...

Mum, bums are private, not for the Internet.

Kath said...

I love reading your blog! I get so much needed warmth from it!!!