Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't Wait For Spring

The last week or so has seen considerable melting of the snow cover here in Edmonton. It's not fast enough for the kids though. Their north-facing back yard is still mostly knee deep in snow. It was warm enough today that they just had to be out, and if Charlie and Max were out, then Elly insisted on being out too.

Their toys which have been buried under the snow all winter are being rediscovered. This year the car is just the right size for Elly.

If it has wheels Elly needs to push it, pull it, or ride in it.

The swing set still works - Max rediscovered hs 'airplane', although the landing is cold and icy.

Someone (not mentioning any names here) took the top off the sand box a few days ago and the ice melted into a lovely pool of mud. This was Elly's first stop in her re-discovery of the back yard.

And the slide still slides, if you don't mind landing in the snow.

The kids were cold and wet by the time they finally decided to go inside, but they really enjoyed themselves out there. Maybe by this time next week the snow will have all disappeared. One can only hope.


Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

And then they can have big mud puddles below the swings and at the end of the slide!! Then they will really have fun. :)

Mary said...

Not much sand in that sandbox, but still enough for a little girl to get very very dirty! Good thing thing El's out of the "eat everything" stage.

Debbie Y. said...

Elli in the sand/mud is priceless. Not many people (even grandmothers) would brave the icy patches to get pics of the babies playing in the yard. Love the pics.