Sunday, April 5, 2009


My daughter Sara is always buying clothes for her kids - I've never known kids with so many clothes. She has a good reason though. Her kids are her models for her portrait studio samples and products. Every holiday and season change has her making new display models for the photo gifts her company produces, as well as portrait samples.

This is Elly waiting in the front of the studio/store while Max gets his Easter portrait done. You can see the ceramic tiles they made and incorporated into the floor. That happy couple is Sara and Quincey in 2002.

But lately the little girls have been wearing the cutest t-shirts and I don't think they've been used as display models. Here are some of them.

Elly's expression makes a lie of the sentiment on the shirt.

Charlie's shirt is very appropriate for her personality.

Looking like she needs a hug

Every schoolkid's sentiment.

And my very favorite one, worn by Elly...

It says "I still live with my parents - for now"

Kids clothes are a lot more fun now than they were when I was a kid - as far as I can remember anyway. There was a fad in the late 1950's that I vaguely remember having fun with when I was 9 or 10. Back then pop bottles had cork liners in them that could be carefully removeed without breaking the cork. We used to take the cork out and, holding the front of the bottle cap against the front of the shirt, we'd press the cork back into the cap with the t-shirt fabric in between. It held them really well. We thought they looked great but it must have bugged our mothers. Those bottle caps had sharp edges that poked tiny holes in the t-shirts. But we were kids and we didn't care.


sara said...

you didn't get any of Max's! And you missed my favourite one of Charlie's "Another perfect day!"

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Kids clothes are adorable!!! So are your grandkids.

What an awesome tiled floor. I've never seen that before.

JQ said...

I thought the reason was because it's way more fun than doing laundry. ;)