Friday, May 15, 2009

Long Weekend - Day 1

The first day of my 4-day weekend was a busy, fun day. It started with a 10:00 hair appointment - My hair was a couple of months past due for a cut. My regular hairdresser moved away so I had a new one today - always a chancy thing. She cut it shorter than I like and really thinned it out a lot, but my hair grows fast enough so that in a couple of weeks it'll look more like the hair I'm used to.

Next thing on the agenda was to pick up my car from the body shop. Remember this picture from two months ago?

After two months of driving a rental car (covered by our insurance), it sure was nice to get my Acura back, good as new.

Then I picked up Mickey and we went to Costco to pick up some pictures I had developed for a scrapbooking project tomorrow. For our Friday lunch outing today we each bought a salad at Costco and ate it there. Have you ever had one of Costco's shrimp and lobster salads? They are absolutely delicious and fresh with loads of lobster and tasty shrimp. For dessert we went to the Marble Slab and designed our own ice cream treat. And of course, we checked out the scrapbooking section of Michael's while we were in the area.

This evening I went to my baby girl Emily's place for dinner with her and Allan and their cat, Hero. It was the first time I had seen their new home - it's a really cute little house. Emily is a great cook and her meal of proscutto wrapped steak, tortellini and salad was great.

Emily and Allan


Tomorrow should be a fun day too - a scrapping date with a 6-year old granddaughter, and a visit from Jenn, Anders and the 5 grandsons.


Mickey said...

Have fun scrapbooking and visiting!
Hope to sb too! I, too, really always enjoy our Fridays!

Mickey said...

BTW forgot! Love your new hairdo!

Lloyd said...

Hmmm...looking forward to your hair thickening in again.

JQ said...

I hate when I realize they're thinning my hair. It looks much better the way you styled it yourself at home.

Mike said...

I love it when they thin out my hair. It gets frizzy and weird when it's too thick.

sara said...

they thin mine too and i can't figure that hair is pretty thin to begin with.
when i saw you saturday, though, it looked better the way you styled it.
and shouldn't be making comments on thinning hair..just saying.

Mary said...

That's a nice picture of Emily and Allan...and I'm with Mike here, I love when they think out my hair!