Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Fun

Mother's Day weekend is usually a double-decker deal for me. Every few years my birthday and Mother's Day are actually on the same day. This was one of those years. I had a very pleasant weekend, but unfortunately there weren't many pictures taken.

On Friday Mickey and I finally got together for lunch. We were so good - we each had large salads followed by equally large desserts. Then of course we went to a scrapbook store to buy ourselves a Mother's Day gift to ourselves from ourselves.

Carrot cake

White chocolate raspberry lava cake.

On Friday night Lloyd and I went to Rob and Cindy's for dinner. It had been awhile since we had been to their place so it was nice to visit with the grandkids and their parents. They gave me a lovely porcelain music box for my birthday.

Saturday was a nice relaxing day (my favorite kind). While Lloyd was out playing 9 holes of golf I got caught up on the shows I had PVRd while we were in Arizona. He and I went out shopping and he told me to let him know if I saw anything I wanted and we'd get it. Honestly, at this stage in my life there's really nothing I need that I don't already have. It's so hard when the kids ask me what I want for my birthday because usually if I want something I just go get it myself. I did get some shirts though.

Sunday was my birthday. We have a tradition in our family where I call the kids on their birthday and sing the birthday song to them. They've come to expect it. Now they reciprocate. The three who live out of town and some of the in-town ones called early to sing me happy birthday. It's really neat.

We had a barbeque with Amy and her family for supper, and the four families who live in town all came over for cake afterwards. It was a nice low-key birthday/mother's day celebration.

Amy made the most amazing cheesecake for dessert (with cupcakes for the kids). It was delicious.

My sister and I have developed a birthday tradition of our own. I don't know when it started but at the end of April I start getting funny birthday cards from her. By the time my birthday rolls around on May 10 I usually have at least half a dozen cards from her. This year there were 9 of them. Since her birthday is eight days after mine I wait till early in May to start sending cards to her. Between the two of us we're keeping Hallmark (and others) in business. I always look forward to getting all those funny cards.

And...it's over for another year. It's been fun. Hope all your mothers out there had happy days with your family.


JQ said...

What kind of a nut calls a party of 18 a low key celebration?

Pat MacK said...

Well, there were 15 of you missing!

Mary said...

That cheesecake looks delicious!

sara said...

it was delicious

Aleta said...

Great pictures, looks like a lovely Mother's Day and birthday. I like how they called and sang to you!

Debbie Y. said...

I can kind of understand the multitude of cards. They make such good ones and I can't just pick one. I bought several birthday cards for my Mom one year and gave them all to her on her birthday. She laughed so hard cause that is so like me to go overboard with everything. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and Mother's day. That cheesecake looks absolutely amazing. I'm sure it was scrumptious.

Amy said...

Is it bad that I could eat cheesecake every day and never get sick of it??