Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brides and Grooms

I was wondering what to blog about today when Amy came to the laundry room where I was doing my wondering, dressed in her wedding dress. It still looks beautiful on her and fits perfectly eight years and three kids after her wedding. Way to go Amy!!

That got me thinking about all the brides we've had in our immediate family in the past few years. I've even located pictures of them - a beautiful bunch of daughters, sons, daughters-in-law and sons-in law...although the men are handsome, rather than beautiful! And I'll even go back a couple of generations here. I'm putting dates in here as accurately as I can remember them. I know that my hawk-eyed kids will be sure to point out which ones I've mis-remembered.

This first picture is of my parents, Robert and Meta McCarthy, who were married on August 10, 1946, soon after Dad got home from serving in the Canadian Army overseas during the second World War.

This is Lloyd and me on March 27, 1971 - he was all of 21 years old and I was 22.

Jenny was the first of our children to get married. She married Anders Quist on January 3, 1995. Too close to Christmas Jenn!! Hard to imagine that sweet young couple as parents of 5 boys!

Our son Rob married Cindy White in on April 24, 1998. Jenn didn't appreciate having to share her birthday with her big brother's wedding, but she didn't have any say in the matter. Cindy's a lovely addition to our family.

Mary married Greg Bourne on May 6, 2000 when they were both only 20 years old. Now they're an old married couple with two lovely children and are happier than pigs in mud!

I guess I should have put a picture of Amy and Curtis here instead of just Amy, but when I started planning this blog it was just going to be about the brides. But I don't have solo pictures of all the brides so ended up with the couples. Sorry Curtis. Amy doesn't look much different now than she did back on August 10, 2001 when she and Curtis were married.

Sara married Quincey Hardwicke-Brown on September 20, 2002. He started out as her boss and is now her business partner, life partner, and daddy of their three children.

Mike married Avril Laqua on September 17, 2004. We don't see as much of them and their two little boys as we'd like to - they've chosen to live a 5 hr. drive south of us.

Then finally, our 22-year old baby, Emily, married Allan Taylor on August 23, 2008, and Lloyd and I heaved a sigh of relief that we don't have any more children to get married!

And that's it for now.


Emily said...

I'm glad to have had the honor of being the fattest bride on this page. Woo!

mickey said...

Oh don't say that Emily!
What a beautiful blog entry Pat! Love weddings. No more for us til Wynne I guess and she's only 10!

Avril said...

Mike and Avril - September 17 and we think that Sara was on September 20

sara said...

I sure was, Avril! I'm impressed you caught that! Sept 20th.

Emily, your picture is much nicer than mine! That's definitely not my best wedding pic.

Nice entry,Mum!

JQ said...

Em has the best bride-hair.

Mary said...

Way to go Amy! My wedding dress is in Sara's downstairs closet (I think) Maybe someone could bring it out to me some day?

Amy said...

Great blog, Mom. It's nice to reminisce.

Debbie Y. said...

Lovely brides and handsome grooms. It's wild about how much moolah is spent on weddings, it's astronomical, but so very much worth it to remember the day and the happiness with the dress, flowers, cake, and family/guests through the wonderful photos of the day.

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

What a bunch of goodlooking couples. And beautiful brides!!

Thanks for the glimpse into my future!! LOL Lots of weddings comes with having lots of children!!

Thanks for this timely post. While in the midst of planning one of those grand affairs my nerves are starting to get to me. Thanks for the reminder of the FUN and LOVE its all for. :)