Thursday, June 11, 2009


I arrived home today just in time to capture this photo of granddaughters Kenzie and Sydney on Syd's new tricycle - Syd on the back and Kenzie on the seat. I'm glad I didn't miss it. This is becoming a traditional photo shoot in our family, going back three generations.

Syd and Kenzie are Amy's children.

Back in 1977 when Amy and Jenny were 2 and 3 years old and we were living in High Level, AB, I took this picture of my two oldest daughters. Amy is standing and Jenny is on the seat.

That pose was based on this picture that my mother took of Wendy and me when I was 1.5 and Wendy just one year older, way back in 1949 0r '50. I'm the one on the seat of the tricycle.

Wendy and I both really like this picture of us and both of us have it reprinted, framed and on display in our homes. Mum didn't take a lot of pictures but I'm glad she took this one. It started a tradition in our family.


sara said...

In '76 Amy was still a baby. That must've been more like '78.
That'll make an awesome scrapbook layout too!

Mickey said...

Yes all three together on a layout!
Love it!

Mickey said...

Also love the plaid pants! You'd think the old photo you'd be in dresses and vice versa in the newer ones. Date Kenzie and Syd's photo!

Amy said...

I need to get a copy of the Amy/Jenny and Pat/Wendy ones so I can have all 3 framed on my piano.

JQ said...

I think 1976 is right. This was taken in High Level, I'm pretty sure during the Baby Sara era. Amy was a BIG, well-developed toddler (think Micah or Kenzie). I remember asking Mum why I had nice shoes and Amy had to wear those big, white boots and Mum said it was because Amy was a baby and needed still needed baby shoes. I remember thinking the little kid equivalent of, "Sucks to be you."