Thursday, September 10, 2009

Anson's Birthday

Cindy and Rob had a small family birthday party for Anson's 8th birthday on Saturday. They rented a big bouncing structure for entertainment. The kids loved it. They took balloons in it and bounced till all the balloons were broken.

Then there was cake, of course. Chocolate...with ice cream.

Anson always plugs his ears when we sing "Happy Birthday" - too much sensory input for him, or maybe our singing is just that bad! - but he tolerated it and blew out all his candles.

Everyone was interested in the gift opening time. Then the goodie bags were distributed and the party was over. Short and sweet - the best kind. Anson enjoyed it, whch is what it was all about.

Anson's little sister Brooklyn showed me the lei she got at a birthday party she attended a week or so ago. Then she and Charlie proceeded to demonstrate the hula for us...pretty good for little girls who have never left the mainland.

Happy Birthday Anson. It was fun sharing your birthday with you.


JQ said...

That's some fancy doll house in the background.

sara said...

Cindy's gluten free cakes are always so delicious

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Birthdays are always fun!!!!

Mary said...

That's some nice dancin - glad Anson had a fun birthday.

Mickey said...

Those Mackenzies know how to party! :)