Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Neglected Son-In-Law

All of my children and their spouses are dear to me, each in their own individual way. In these blog entries I've featured all of them at one time or another. My SIL Curtis and I have a running joke about how I slight him in my entries, and although it's been inadvertent and accidental, nevertheless he has a valid point. Take the Brides blog for example. I showcased each of the brides we've had as our children have been married. All of the pictures there feature the bride and groom. All, that is, except Amy and Curtis. The picture I put in for them was of Amy alone. Poor Curtis got left out, a fact that he has never let me forget. And as Amy keeps telling me, Curtis is the best looking son-in-law we have.

Then there was the post two days ago about the family barbeque. In the picture of the men, Curtis is hidden behind Lloyd.

So today's blog is an attempt on my part to assure Curtis that he's a valuable member of our family and any slights are entirely accidental. (Gotcha C !)

Now he's a family man - this is him with his second daughter, Sydney, on her birth day.

I'm not sure when this was taken, but it's a nice one.

Helping #1 daughter, Mackenzie, open her birthday presents. Poor kid's birthday is Dec 29 so it's easy to get caught up in Christmas.

And by the time his third child, first son, Aidan, came along, Curtis was used to sleeplessness and grabbing cat naps whenever and wherever he could.

Here they are all together about a year and a half ago.

He has become quite a golfer over the past few years, with his main goal being to beat his father-in-law. For the first time this summer he has managed to do that a couple of times, but not in the crunch - his team lost the MacKenzie Family Golf Tournament yesterday to Lloyd's team.
And that's the neglected son-in-law, the only one with a blog entry of his own. Some day I'll take my camera to his office (he's a chiropractor) and take pictures of him in action and blog about that.
You're Welcome, Curtis.


Amy said...

This is your best Blog Yet.

sara said...

I'm gonna have to disagree with your "best looking son in law" comment, and I find it funny (and maybe a little freudian) that you referred to him at the beginning as your sister in law.

Pat MacK said...

Sara, SIL is either son- or sister-in law.

Mary said...

Thanks for noticing Sara. I agree, Greg is the best looking SIL but the rest aren't too shabby either.

sara said...

I guess I'm too young - when I see SIL online I automatically think sister - not son - in law.

And I'd say that it's a good thing we all think our husbands are the best looking.

Pat MacK said...

Yes girls, your husbands are all handsome but none compares with your Dad!

Kath said...

Well of course you do not want to neglect one of them!!! But it will happen I suppose in a big family!!!

Now you should get some free chiro care for such a nice post?

To follow up your comment on my blog....you wanted 12 children??? I wanted two. Then only one after Maria's birth!! lol Hubs wanted 6. Wouldnt change a thing today about it. NEVER a boring day!!!!

Amy said...

I like this blog Kenzie