Monday, September 7, 2009

MacKenzie Family Golf Tournament

Today was our annual Labor Day MacKenzie Family Golf Tournament. We've been doing this for about 7 years now and it generates quite a high level of competition among the golf playing family members. We had the smallest turn-out ever this year because two of our daughters and their husbands who live out-of-town were unable to attend, and we decided this year not to invite the non-family members who in previous years swelled our numbers considerably.

The players were divided into two teams of four with players of various skill levels on each team. They played 'best ball' and had to use each players ball at least once in the game. There's a contest for longest drive, won this year by Corey, and for the closest shot to the pin, which Curtis won this year.

This is the winning team: Rob MacKenzie, Lloyd MacKenzie, Corey Rasmussen and Brad White. Their name will be engraved on the MacKenzie Cup as soon as we replace the one that got broken last year.

This glorious team was beaten by one stroke - many tears were shed :) The team consists of Curtis Woolf, Quincey Hardwicke-Brown, Mike MacKenzie, and Emily MacKenzie Taylor - the only woman brave enough to join the men this year. Quincey and Mike were the winning twosome for the past two years so were a bit chagrined to have to pass the title on this year. At least it took a team of 4 to dethrone them.

Here's Mike, Quincey and The MacKenzie Cup in 2007.

Here are some pics from previous years' tournaments.

The 2006 players

The 2007 Players
The tournaments are organized by a different family couple and always include a family meal (usually a barbeque) that everyone helps out with. It's a great way to spend Labor Day.


sara said...

The only woman BRAVE enough to join the men this year??? More like, the only woman who wasn't home raising the men's children and tending to the men's lunch afterwards!

JQ said...

Mum enables misogyny in the family.