Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mark Everett in Concert

Lloyd and I are down in Lethbridge again this weekend...mainly because he has a meeting here on Monday...and also because it's warm and snow-free after last weekend's weather disaster and he's able to get another golf game in...and also because last night our nephew Mark was in a country western program in Raymond and we wanted to see him perform.

As I've mentioned here before, Mark is in the process of launching his music career and is gradually getting air time with his CD, mostly in the US Southwest, but also here in Alberta. He already has some fans in the community here, and this concert enabled him to show his stuff to a larger audience.

The Broadway reference comes from the venue - downtown Raymond is a particularly broad street named Broadway. The concert hall is a lovely large brick building that is used for all kinds of musical programs, plays, etc. Last night's concert was a sell-out and I believe tonight's is as well.

Mark's musical partner, Cory Rasmussen, overcame his dislike to country western music and provided excellent backup for Mark's guitar and voice.

It was fun to go and see the enthusiasm with which an audience that wasn't entirely his family responded to his performance.


sara said...

How'd Raymond snag such a big name for their show??

Mary said...

Convenient that dad now has meetings in Lethbridge and Az so often....convenient.

sara said...

It's not convenient for me!

Lois aka katesmum said...

Hi Pat... what is his CD called???