Monday, October 12, 2009

Lethbridge Weekend

The morning after arriving home from sunny Arizona, Lloyd and I headed to our home in Lethbridge for the long weekend. The weather here is unseasonably cold, which has everybody grumbling. We stopped in Lacombe on our way down and had lunch with Jenny and her two pre-schoolers. We were sorry to miss seeing the other three boys, but we'll save that for another time. It was amazing to see how much food 4-year old Micah could put away!

Here's the view out of our front window in Lethbridge on October 9.

We usually don't have snow until November here. Nasty stuff.

It wasn't all bad though. My sister, Wendy, and her husband, Randy, arrived from Winnipeg for a two day visit with us shortly after we got here. Randy had brought his golf clubs and he and Lloyd had a couple tee times set up, but the snow ruined those plans. They went bowling instead while Wendy and I shopped. Wendy is looking for a mother-of-the-bride outfit to wear to her youngest daughter's wedding in January. We found nothing! No panic though, she still has time to look.

Lloyd's sisters, Cheryl and Joyce, wanted to celebrate his 60th birthday while he was here. He turns 60 on the 24th. So we, along with Duane, Tania, Ron, Wendy, Randy, and Richard, all went out to dinner at Luigi's and had a great time visiting and eating.

Cheryl, Lloyd, Joyce, Duane. Lloyd is looking at one of his birthday gifts from the girls.

Then on Sunday, Amy, Curtis and the kids, who were visiting Curtis' parents in Claresholm for the weekend, came over for a visit. It's always nice to have them visit us at our Lethbridge home. We live in their basement suite in Edmonton so it's good to remind the kids that Grammie and Papa have a home that is not part of their house. The kids love playing hide-and-seek here because there are so many 'secret' nooks and crannies and storage areas for them to hide in. We went out to a Chinese buffet for lunch. Sydney was too excited to eat but when Kenzie realized there was sushi, that' all she wanted.

I don't know many kids who like sushi, but Kenzie loves it.

Mike and his family came over for dinner Sunday night. Kenny and Alex are such sweet little boys, full of energy and fun. I forgot to get the camera out when they were here.

So we had a busy weekend visiting with all of our siblings and a couple of our kids and their families. We'll be making the 5 hour trip back home to Edmonton later today.


Mickey said...

Enjoyed seeing the pics Pat!
I know another little boy who absolutely loves sushi too! (Eamon) He went to a Sushi Buffet and ate more than the adults! The adults paid $30. and the 4 yr old was charged $3!!
Sorry your're on the road and it's snowing heavily here again Maybe it won't last.
And a vey happy early Happy Birthday to Lloyd!

JQ said...

You did see all your siblings. That's kind of -- bittersweet. Hope you made it home okay.

Kath said...

You have been busy busy busy lately. Having lots of fun it looks like!!! :)

Sushi...only two of my kids will eat/try it.

**The boy definitely wont appreciate me calling him adorable. lol He will appreciate it about as much as I have appreciated running after him all over the country side with his black shoes!!! :)

Mike said...

Amy was in town?