Thursday, October 8, 2009

Name That Bird

Mickey and I got home last night and today Lloyd and I are heading 5 hrs. south to Lethbridge today for the Thanksgiving weekend.

Mickey and I thoroughly enjoyed our week in Arizona. From the first day we were there, whenever we were in the back yard or at the pool, we heard a new birdsong in our tree. We would occasionally see the birds but whenever I tried to get a picture of one of them they hid in the branches. For awhile this one is the only picture I was able to get.

Then, yesterday as we were cleaning and preparing to close the house up, we spotted a pair of them inside the pool enclosure picking stuff up. I guess they thought we were gone and they felt that they had 'their' pool back. Here's some pictures of them. If you know what they are, please let me know.

I've never seen these up here in Canada. I liked them. They were nice company in the back yard. They would respond when we whistled or talked to them, and I love taking pictures of birds. If you know what they are, please post it in the comments here. Hopefully they're not what is considered pest birds like the Magpies are up here. Enquiring minds want to know.


Mickey said...

Great pics Pat! They were very entertianing and probably feel the backyard & pool are theirs!

Mike said...

Hungry little guys, aren't they? You're in Lethbridge, eh? Good to know. I was planning on calling you this evening.

JQ said...

Anders says he thinks it might be a North American cuckoo of some kind -- very different from the ones in German clocks. What was its song like?

Kat =) said...

Yes its a kind of cuckoo! The german kind looks different, but I guess the singing is similar, why would it be then a cuckoo ;-) ? Well, the crazy germans sometimes put the little guys in the clocks an this is what we call cuckoo clock, eh ;-)
Well lots of regard to the whole family, I enjoy reading your blog, Pat =)
I will send you an email by time, about our holidays and the summer and so on, or way better:if you give me your postal adress I would send you a letter!