Sunday, October 4, 2009

We Have A Convert!

Mickey and I were up early this morning scrapbooking. Actually Mickey was up at the crack of dawn - I stumbled downstairs at 8 to find her already well into her layouts. We scrapped until early afternoon.

This afternoon our non-scrapbooking friend Penny came over with Pauline to see what the fuss was all about. Penny just happened to bring along a box of photos and a scrapbooking kit that Pauline had given her some time ago. As she was eager to learn all there is to know about organizing her photos into a scrapbooking album, we were just as eager to help her get started.

She looked a bit overwhelmed at first but as we showed her some tips and ideas, she got more and more excited about it.

She went right to work cropping photos, working out placements, learning about matting, punching, using bling, adhesives, embellishments, etc.

And ended up with a lovely 2-page layout of her wedding. Didn't it turn out well. Now she's excited to go out and buy the list of tools and toys we told her she needed. She's going to get some bling and finish off this page and get to work on the rest of the pictures. We're so proud of her. And we had a great couple of hours with her and Pauline, who also had a hand in the production of the layout. Next time we come down, we'll have another scrapbooking session with them. Great fun.


Mickey said...

Hope Penney continues to get the whole album done! It's off to a great start! It's been a full day of scrapbooking.Two more days!

Kath said...

Your new convert's pages look great!!! Quite the teachers you two are.

Love your choice of good eats...Paradise, Chiplote's and mexican!!!

You are a lucky person with winning the door prizes too.