Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

For the first time in several years Lloyd and I stayed home at Easter and were able to share it with some of the kids and grands. It was a beautiful day - sunny and dry and the snow melted just in time to make egg hunts workable.

Sara hosted the Easter dinner and it was a huge success - so much fun. The kids played on their own on the trampoline, in the back yard, and on the Wii, leaving just the two 2-year olds needing our attention. There were four of our kids with their spouses and 8 children so it was a nice little gathering. Everyone brought something - ham, baked beans, scalloped potatoes, corn, taco salad, vegetable tray, and Sara made Death by Chocolate for dessert.

Rob's wife, Cindy, told us of this conversation she had this morning with 6-year old Brooklyn:

B: Is there really a magic rabbit who brings all this candy to us or do you do it?
C: What do you think?
B: I think you do it.
C: That's right.
B: I thought so. Does Daddy know?
C: I'm not sure. Should we ask him?
B: No. I don't want to tell him.

So it appears that 38-year old Rob is the only Easter bunny believer in their family! What a sweet little girl for not wanting to spoil her father's fun.

Here's some shots from this evening. The little Holland lop-eared bunny is a pet of Charlie, Max and Elly. Their mom, Sara, featured her in her bunny portraits event at her photo studio last week. She's a sweet little thing who seems to love all the attention.

Aidan and Elly feeding the bunny

Aidan caught red-handed with his hand in the jelly bean dish.

Granddaughters Kenzie, Brooklyn, Charlie and Sydney enjoying Easter candy.

Elly and Aidan emptying their basket

Max and the bunny

Elly sharing her candy with cousin Anson

Aidan showing us his egg hunt loot.

Sure hope the rest of you had a great Easter.


Mary said...

Looks like fun! Hard to imagine those big get-togethers's been a looong time!

Mickey said...

We sure did have a good Easter too Pat! Hunt in the backyard and everyone for dinner. Wiliam was upset when we cut into the 'bunny cake' as he hadn't had a chance to "hug & kiss" him. He had some other choice phrases too. Love seeing all your little ones. Love the family get togethers! Just think there'll be two more next year in that group! So exciting.