Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mickey and I travelled to Lethbridge on Friday via Vulcan – home of the legendary Mr. Spock. It was an exciting trek through the back roads of the universe, which is Alberta when it can’t make up it’s mind what the weather in April is supposed to be like.

We heard dire tales of 34-car pile-ups on the intergalactic nightmare called the Queen Elizabeth II highway so like the clever space travelers that we are, we darted around on the more scenic, and practically empty, secondary space lanes.

The sky around us was particularly tumultuous, filled with beautiful mists and billowing waves of vapor. Yet we escaped without a drop of precipitation falling on us, and nothing but clear roadways, although we could see evidence of the previous night’s deluge of snow and rain.

And finally a safe landing at Vulcan where we disguised the noble Enterprise as a tourist attraction and drove the last hour to Lethbridge.

A lovely space trek on an interesting meteorological day.


Mary said...

Ha ha, nice work mom, an enjoyable read. Great landscape photos too.

Sara_HB said...

fun weekend

Haf Dozen Reasons....... said...

Snow....please keep it!!! I am selfish and don not want to share!!

Fun read about your trek!!

JQ said...

"Billowing waves of vapour..." Wowzers.

Mickey said...

It was such a lovely peaceful trip!
Both ways! And fun when we got there seeing a brand new baby!
Yes Pat you are a great writer. Like one of my Grandsons -he wants to be a New York Times bestseller! You could do it too!
Thinking of Lloyd travelling in the snow today.

Anonymous said...

(New York Times bestseller author that is!) I
I'm tired! Not such a peaceful day here!

Sara_HB said...

wawey you hare sum good pijrs .

brian said...

Awsome it's the Enterprise!