Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Global Warming???

It's hard to imagine global warming when we're hit with a series of spring storms here in Alberta. Don't you just hate these depressing storms?! I'm just glad I haven't taken my snow tires off yet. It's been nice and warm and sunny here - the trees are budding out, tulips are blossoming, grass is green, and then...wham...this morning we awoke to piles of snow and fierce howling winds. It was over by suppertime, but it'll take a few days for the snow to melt.

You'll have to excuse the quality of the following pictures taken in Sara's front yard - they were taken with my phone - but you get the idea!

Beautiful frosted tulips.

Rose bushes bowed down by the heavy wet snow.

Almost buried yellow tulip

Ditto - red tulip

And a final shot of the rose bushes.
Lloyd and I are off to Winnipeg tomorrow morning. Hopefully when we get back on Sunday it'll be spring again.


Mary said...

That snow looks super heavy. Yuck.

Mickey said...

Or maybe it'll just be hitting Wpg when you get there! One of my front yard trees is severely bent over from the weight of that watery snow. Hope it straightens up soon. And weather in Pheonix is 36!!!
Have fun in Wpg!

Kath said...

Seeing that snow gives me the shivers!! Hope this is the end of it for you guys!!
Northern South Dakota "may" see some flakes today. :(

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