Monday, May 3, 2010

You're Never Too Old swing at a pinata for the first time. My 62nd birthday party was as good a time as any to try my hand at batting the super strong saguaro cactus pinata.

Since Sara and her family were going to be away on Mother's Day and my birthday, she and Charlie decided to have a small birthday party for me this past weekend. Charlie (6 years old) loves birthday parties and insisted they go to the Party Store for special decorations. We ended up with a Hawiian themed party. Here are some images from it.

Elly has a turn.

My new pink Cricut.

Kenzie, Charlie, me, Max, Sydney singing Happy Birthday

The pinata before it got bashed.

The Hawiian hula girls, Kenzie and Charlie


Mary said...

Nice work on that pinate! I can't believe how big all those kids are getting!

Mickey said...

A grand party!! Love the pinata and costumes! You and the children look like you were having a whale of a time!!

Kath said...

What a fun party!!! You are never too old for a pinata!!!

JQ said...

Nothin' like a Mexican Hawaiian theme. You so postmodern, Mum!